Нэмэгдсэн: 2019-06-06 09:00:00

South Korean investment firm Rhinos Asset Management launches a Mongolia subsidiary—Rhinos Asset Management Mongolia on June 3. It is the first foreign entity to operate asset management services and establish an investment fund in Mongolia. The inauguration marks the beginning of new investment era domestic and foreign investors alike, as FRC’ policies shifted in recent years towards creating a more favorable investment climate and sustainable market growth.

Rhinos Asset Management marked the first foreign company to invest in a Mongolian IPO back in 2017. The company carried out a strategic acquisition of LendMN shares worth MNT 70 billion and have started a big step in bringing the faith to fintech in the financial environment of Mongolia.

The Mongolia subsidiary, Rhinos Asset Management Mongolia has officially started its operations with a startup capital of MNT10 billion via a closed-bond contract with AND System, LendMN’s parent company.

LendMN’s USD 4 million trustee agreement with Rhinos Asset Management Mongolia and Mirae Asset Securities Mongolia is a step forward to attracting more Korean investment in the Mongolian market.